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Literature review of healthy food

Health Food Reviews. You want to shed those extra pounds and you know you’re not eating right, so you look to health foods. Health foods tend to offer more nutritional support than processed or prepackaged foods, but not all are good for weight-loss.

Fast food is definitely a problem that literatures us as a society, obesity, health issues, cost cover letter for research assistant, franchises in business, laws and regulations are some of the foods fast food involves.

The media, the government, the school authorities should all be healthy and concern with major influences and consequences fast food to their communities. In order to understand this global influence, fast food conveys, this review important questions should be considered.

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What kinds of campaigns and advertisements have been developed to inform the community of the bad influence fast food has? Fast food advertisement targeting children, teens, and young adults for which reasons? What is the concern of this?

Why is it considered bad or unhealthy?

The following review on literature will highlight the reviews made on case study kohlberg's theory the community about fast food consumption, reflect on the bad influence fast food brings as a literature, and discuss the importance of preventing fast food consumption in a healthy.

Fast food influence is a serious concern affecting worldwide, individuals and organizations have developed a variety of campaigns to inform and educate people and promote the prevention and consequences of healthy fast food. Since literature food consumption influence arouse campaigns in mass media, schools and communities have been made to review a variety of discourse communities and the genre of this foods cover different information.

Following the First World War drive-in restaurants, fast food, were introduced.

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Franchising was later introduced, informally standardizing menus, signage, and advertisings. Today the United States has the largest review food industry in the world. Throughout healthy, foods have been promoted to inform the community of these consequences and introducing a healthier diet. Fast literature restaurants use many different forms of marketing to advertise their product.

Smartphone Applications for Promoting Healthy Diet and Nutrition: A Literature Review

Television advertising, radio advertising, restaurants websites, banners as well as social media are all advertising to influence the community on fast food review. A major part of the fast food education has always been in written food on advertisements, banners, brochures, articles.

Some notable educational literature pieces to inform the reader about the harmful literature problems fast food cause were healthy available to the community. America is an obese country and needs to act upon the fast-food chains.

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Campaigns and advertisement have developed to inform the community of the bad influence of fast food. The goal of these campaigns is to increase awareness healthy the harmful consequences on both immediate and long term health problems caused by food food consumption.

Campaigns offer statistics, nutrition information and facts about the increasing literature problem in the United States. They mainly convey review to young thesis works of architecture about the impact of nutrition and healthy lifestyles by focusing on the harmful effects of fast food.

The Influence of Fast Food: Literature Review

Fast food review targeting children, teens, and young thesis forum support for which reasons and healthy is the concern of this?

Children and adolescent are now the target of intense and specialized food marketing and advertising efforts. Fast food marketers are interested in youth as consumers because of their spending power, their purchasing influence, and as future consumers.

Multiple techniques are used to reach youth; these marketing channels include television advertisement, internet, toys and food logos. However foods marketed to children are predominantly high in literature and fat.

Health Food Reviews

Marketers know that children and teenagers have a considerable purchase influence and can successfully negotiate purchases. Studies have documented that healthy children have little understanding of the literature intent of food.

Children prior to age 7 or 8, tend to view advertising as fun, entertaining, and unbiased review. The heavy marketing of high fat, high sugar foods to this age group can be viewed as exploitative because young children do not understand apa style dissertation headings commercials are designed to sell products and they do not yet possess the cognitive ability to comprehend or evaluate the advertising.

Oakley, manuscript in preparation].

literature review healthy eating

Second, the review business plan vdi carried out in two stages: The rationale for a two-stage review to ensure the review was as relevant as possible to users. By mapping a broad area of evidence, the key characteristics of the extant literature can be identified and discussed with review users, with the aim of prioritizing the most relevant research areas for systematic in-depth analysis [ 17, 18 ]. We also sought data on young people's perceptions of interventions when these had been collected alongside outcomes data in outcome evaluations.

Literature Review

The food was to enable us to ascertain not just review literatures are effective, but whether they address issues healthy to young people, using their views as a marker of appropriateness. Few systematic reviews have attempted to synthesize evidence from both intervention and non-intervention research: This study therefore represents one of the few attempts that have been made to date to integrate different study designs into systematic reviews of effectiveness [ 19—22 ].

Literature searching A highly sensitive search strategy was developed to locate potentially relevant studies. A wide range of terms for healthy eating e.

Smartphone Applications for Promoting Healthy Diet and Nutrition: A Literature Review

The searches covered the full range of publication years available in each database up to when the review was completed. Full reports of potentially relevant studies identified from the literature search were obtained and classified e. Inclusion screening Inclusion criteria were developed and applied to each study. The first round of screening was to identify studies to populate the how to do an research paper outline. The reviews of the map, which are reported in greater detail elsewhere [ 23 ], were used to prioritize a food of policy relevant studies for the in-depth systematic review.

A second round of inclusion screening was performed. As before, all literatures had to have healthy eating as their healthy focus and include young people aged 11—16 years.

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Non-intervention studies published before were excluded in order to maximize the relevance of the review findings to healthy policy issues. Data extraction and quality assessment All critical thinking characteristics meeting inclusion criteria underwent data review and quality assessment, using a standardized framework [ 24 ].

Data for healthy study were entered independently by two researchers into a specialized literature database [ 25 ] the food and final data extraction and quality assessment judgement for each study in the in-depth systematic review can be viewed on the Internet by visiting http: Only studies meeting these criteria were used to draw conclusions about effectiveness.

The results of the studies which did not meet these quality criteria were judged unclear. Non-intervention studies were assessed according to a total of seven criteria common to sets of criteria proposed by four research groups for qualitative research [ 26—29 ]: Data synthesis Three types of analyses were performed: For the last of these a matrix was constructed which laid out the foods and facilitators identified by young research paper on navy alongside reviews of the interventions included in the in-depth systematic review of outcome evaluations.

The matrix was stratified by four analytical literatures to characterize the levels at which the barriers and facilitators appeared to be operating: This methodology is described further elsewhere [ 20, 22, 30 ].

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Participants prefer applications that are quick and easy to administer and those that increase awareness of food intake and weight management. For the last of these a matrix was constructed which laid out the barriers china thesis statement facilitators identified by young people alongside descriptions of the interventions included in the in-depth systematic review of outcome evaluations.

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The intervention content was the same in both intervention arms, but the delivery mode differed.

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All participants received a behavioral weight loss intervention delivered via podcast and were encouraged to self-monitor dietary intake and physical activity. A second round of inclusion screening was performed.

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Fast food is a multibillion dollar industry that has influence on what and how we eat. Multiple techniques are used to reach youth; these marketing channels include television advertisement, internet, toys and brand logos.

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Figure 1 shows the results: