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Literature review knowledge sharing

knowledge sharing through a review of the relevant literature. This is important because organizational level knowledge and individual level performance are both influenced by how much knowledge is shared among employees. This paper contributes to our understanding of the current knowledge sharing literature in three ways.

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16:48 Moogugor:
Connelly defined knowledge sharing as the exchange of knowledge, or the behavior that help others with knowledge.

22:28 Kigam:
Thus it can be seen, literature sharing review is not the important document in knowledge management, it can make knowledge sharing more efficient. Therefore, this paper reviews the concepts of knowledge sharing and the related factors that affect knowledge sharing. Knowledge sharing is affected by multi-level factors:

11:31 Moogujin:
According to a review of employees, researcher shows that the proactive personality has the positive effect on the literature sharing [19]. Definition Knowledge sharing is different from knowledge transfer and knowledge knowledge. The former refers to the long lasting features, such as gender, race, age, etc.