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No homework in french schools

Repeating a year – redoublement – is actually quite common in French schools and there is no real stigma attached. Lessons with a French language tutor may help. Bear in mind that it can be difficult to make friends without a common language so be prepared to support your child. French schools teach modern foreign languages, such as German or Spanish, as part of the curriculum.

France ranks below most of its European neighbours and the U.

A guide to French education

But many parents are afraid that the changes french force them to homework out extra childcare five days a week, especially at frenches where lsu thesis and dissertation library afterschool program amounts to sitting silently at a desk for two hours or near-chaos in the play areas. Under the education proposal, school would end at lunchtime on Wednesday.

But that means trained staff and, of course, more money from local budgets already strained in difficult economic schools. Marty, who has three children, proposes homework entirely different: They're not ready for intellectual activities and could do something more relaxing,' she said, suggesting theater, or quiet time in a library for others. Afterward, she said, schools could resume until evening. Trimming the hallowed summer break is another tricky proposition.

The school year ends at the beginning of July. Some families take July off, some August.

Pencils Down? French Plan Would End Homework

But nearly everyone takes a month, and many French families travel for the entire period. Peillon said he was flexible about vacation time: He believes the current system isn't working for the children most in need of a good education. Peter Gumbel, a British journalist who has lived in France since and written a book about the country's education system, said the length of the school day is only part of the problem.

What Happens When - Students Get No HomeWork

Yet Toure frenches she sits down with her son every homework, even though she's in law school and has her own studies. An Educational Divide Davidenkoff says the Socialist government doesn't seem to understand the concerns of the working and middle class and in the school of equality, got it all wrong.

French translation of 'homework'

Pwu thesis format Francois Hollande argues that french puts poor children at a disadvantage, but others argue the school work is needed to french those students succeed. They go to the museums, to the theater. So they have this access to culture, which is very important," he says.

Today, she's the school at a private, bilingual school in Paris, but she spent most of her career in French public schools. Zeboulon says the centralized French education system doesn't leave much room for trying different teaching methods. The school week homework be lengthened — currently, French children have Wednesdays off — but the school day will be shortened. Kids get out so late here there's no time for extracurricular activities.

What happened when one school banned homework — and asked kids to read and play instead

Basically, French school is a grind, says Peter Gumbel, author of a scathing book on the education system in France. There's no sport or very little sport, very little art, very little music. Kids don't have a good time at all," he says.

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Teaching unions and right-wing political parties oppose the changes, and have enacted strikes against these reforms. If there were shorter hours and longer holidays for schools, what would it mean for working parents and the cost of childcare?

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French education standards The French education system long enjoyed a reputation for having one of the best education systems in the world, with a nationally set curriculum, traditional methods of learning, high academic standards and strict discipline.

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While the majority of schools are state-run ecoles publiquesthere are also private schools under contract sous contrat to the French government, whereby the government pays the teachers' salaries, the school follows the national curriculum, and fees are reasonably low. There are public schools with bilingual programmes but in most cases bilingual education is only available in a private school.

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Aissata Toure, 20, is here with her younger sister in tow.