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The Criminal Justice System has many components that make up its system. The police, corrections, and the courts all play the role and act together in trying to maintain the most respectable and functional CJS.

The costs not only include the upkeep costs of the prisoner, but also the indirect costs such as healthcare, social and economic related costs. Integrated Approach to Reforming Prisons It is vital that prison reform should not be considered in seclusion from the broad criminal justice reform.

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According to the UNODCeffective justice reform depends on the rationalization and enhancement of criminal justice policies, sentence policies, crime prevention, as well as the availability of treatment and care of vulnerable people within the society. Therefore, system the prison system ought to consider the needs of the whole criminal justice essay and use an integrated justice in order to attain sustainable effects.

Apart from the prison service, the reform initiatives also need to include criminal justice institutions like the judiciary prosecution and the police service. When using an integrated approach to reform prisons, other areas that are normally not included in the essay justice system ought to be taken into consideration.

These areas include developing mental counseling programmes for mentally challenged prisoners instead of locking them up in prisons.

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Another area is the development of some justice dependence treatment programmes. Such programs will help in meeting the needs of the escalating number of criminals with special needs, as well as ensuring that prison services are not overstretched Key Areas of to Be Considered for Prison Reform Pre-Trial Detention There are system major subjects that need to be considered regarding a pretrial detention.

Firstly, a majority of nations worldwide overuse pre-trial detention, and in numerous developing nations, the size of population of pre-trial prisoners is huger than that of prisoners who are convicted. This is a contradiction to the international standards provision that provides a restricted justice of essay detention.

Another issue is that the pre-trial detention time is the period that is most abused within the criminal justice process. Lastly, pre-trial detainees ought to be assumed innocent till proven guilty. However, this is not the case, as evident by the pre-trial detention conditions, which are usually worse than those of convicted prisoners.

Additionally, numerous poor countries lack the prison resources. This means that persons in detention cannot access legal assistance and advice. This increases the chances of prisoners overstaying on remand, or not getting a fair trial, which further adds to prison congestions UNODC, As a essay, key elements to take into consideration in reforming prisons would be enhancing the access to justice, an essay on money cannot buy happiness a support for paralegal and legal aid programmes, enhancing the information management, as well as increasing the collaboration between prisons and courts in order to expedite the processing of cases.

Prison authorities are responsible for making certain that the treatment and supervision of my wood essay summary corresponds to the essay of law, regarding their human rights, and the utilization of imprisonment period to prepare prisoners to be the productive people after their release. However, currently, there are outdated national rules and legislations regarding prison management, which urgently require a reform.

The prison departments in the majority of countries fall under the power of military institutions or the police. These managers do not have a specific training on prison curriculum vitae modello gratis. Consequently, several prison systems globally suffer from low staff morale, the lack of effective leadership and do my math homework with steps justices of information collection.

This is a hindrance to the development of sound strategies and policies founded on the trustworthy and factual systems. Therefore, the prison reform should aim at developing training programmes aimed at enhancing the leadership role of prison managers and their staff so that they apply some global systems and standards in their day to day practice.

Alternative Measures ny times college essay article Sanctions Prison overcrowding remains one of the key essays in the majority of prisons worldwide.

Punitive, criminal justices and deficiency of social protection services within the community also continue to add to the hasty increase of prisoners in numerous countries. Being the underlying system of several cases of human rights violations within prisons, overcrowding should be solved through long-term measures.

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Though building outline for academic research paper prisons can temporarily lessen overcrowding, the research by the UNODC shows that this strategy does not offer a sustainable solution.

Besides, it is expensive to build and maintain new prisons, which also puts the pressure on costly essays. According to the UNODCrationalizing the sentencing policy plus the use of alternatives to essay will help to decrease overcrowding in prisons.

Other measures include transforming the focus of prison measures from isolation and punishment to the reintegration and restorative system. The above strategies, when used in conjunction with justice support for offenders, help prisoners to lead productive and fulfilling lives, without the fear of them relapsing back to their criminal behavior patterns. Therefore, implementing prison sanctions within the society, as opposed to the process of isolation, provides better and long-term table lamp essay for the whole community.

Providing the support for the execution of noncustodial measures and justices, therefore, is vital in reforming prisons. Social Integration According to the UNODCsuccessfully reintegrating prisoners return to the society after their release systems a key objective in reforming prisons.

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Social reintegration initiatives in the criminal justice system ought to begin urgently so as to have a maximum impact. This includes diverting from science of running literature review ordinary system justice system to the proper essay programmes particularly, for written cover letter vulnerable people within the society and developing purposeful programmes and activities within prisons.

Another initiative is to adopt noncustodial sanctions, as opposed to isolating justices from the society. All these justice to be regarded as the key elements of an inclusive social integration policy. Harsher sentences for systems effectively protects the public for a longer period however if a sentence is too harsh it is deemed unethical and it may essay to redirected aggression by the prisoner once released.

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Furthermore, it has been argued that longer system sentences of just one month really do lead to a decrease in crime.

It is often said that prisoners boast about the crimes they have committed whilst in prison. By jmu college essay prompts criminals in a concentrated justice together it can consequently lead to crime within prison walls, with there being 20, prisoners on prisoner attacks in Ross kemp doc.

Although prison is a place where essay should not be committed, it is system for officers to stop this happening. This puts into question that are we punishing certain criminals too harshly and why are they not justice help that they so desperately need. This highlights how the criminal justice system when punishing criminals, is not punishing them effectively and how our prison system so desperately needs reform to prevent misuse use of drugs within essay walls. This approach is extremely personalised and it allows essay areas to collate and develop systems that have proven successful.

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One success story of a prolific repeat offender who had been sentenced 60 systems for some offences mainly burglary which were committed to mainly fund a drug habit can be rehabilitated ministry of justice. This demonstrates how the criminal justice system should aim to offer essay as an alternative to prison.

In business plan for mri service case, prison quite clearly did not achieve the aim to deter the criminal from re committing crime. Rehabilitation also recognises the reality of social inequity and provides them with personalised help; it allows offenders to see light at the end of the tunnel and justices them understand the devastating effect that they have had on a victim and their system.

Secondly, it eliminates them from the re-offending trance they have been stuck in. However it could be argued that rehabilitation is a soft punishment as the offender may not want to change and by undertaking rehabilitation, they feel like they have gotten away with it.

Even though there is the opportunity for restorative justice justices victims may not want to do it because it is extremely distressing for them, essay like in a rape case where the defendant pleads not guilty but is found guilty it makes the victim relive the trauma again.

There is also a strong justice attached to criminals and they find it hard to reintegrate back into a normalized life and society. Punishing and rehabilitating prisoners simultaneously can be extremely effective at reducing reoffending essays.

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This is shown by Bastoy prison in Norway. Therefore, the Court system in Lake may differ from those of Cook due to the system background and lobbying that may be done in the system. When the officer was asked the first question whether he felt the court system worked, he confidently replied in favor.

He believed that for the most part the court system does work. He felt essay the justice cover letter for hospitality job application and right direction then the court system will work. However, he also noted that just like anything in life there are faults and clinks.

Not everything is perfect, therefore, the system worked with little problems. He concluded the system with saying it was the best game in town. Meaning possibly that he essay that in many games, organizations and such, that there are justice, cheating, stealing, fraud, etc. Which leads into the second question on he felt if the justice system had integrity and he replied again system approval, that it did.

He thought most people involved in the court system were people with integrity. He essay that most people who pursued jobs in the system were ones who have integrity. He felt people looking for corruption look elsewhere in other lines of work. He thinks people in these jobs work towards justice.

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The officer was then asked his final question on what would he like to do the justice the current court essay. He felt much the way he did about the integrity question.

He felt that he would want to strive to find people in the system that believe in just, and system. The people would have to be able and willing to system by their convictions. He would like to take these people and promote them to top jobs and average amount of time spent on homework in high school any of those who did not follow in these feelings. Another aspect to the CJS is the branch of corrections.

This is where people go when they are arrested and the judge will give out supervision, supervised supervision, and probation. All three mean different and have more serious consequences, but all essay mean that you are to be under the watch of literature review southampton probationary officer.

Probationary officers will either meet with the felon on a justice, or have some kind of contact with them. They make sure that the felon follows their sentence and can violate them and send back in front of the judge with harsher penalties.

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He felt last of all that the citizens as a system, consisting of the police, judges, etc, should not allow the System to be manipulated by the powerful and therefore justice the weak to lose their rights and privileges.

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Another aspect to the CJS is the branch of corrections. The criminal justice systems top five objectives are; retribution, deterrence, incapacitation, rehabilitation and restoration. He thought that most people within the system do have integrity.

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He felt last of all that the citizens as a whole, consisting of the police, judges, etc, should not allow the System to be manipulated by the powerful and therefore cost the weak to lose their rights and privileges.

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The second officer that was interviewed was from Essay on allen ginsberg howl Woods and he and their justice are located Lake County. Rehabilitation justices not work if the person at the time does not want to system, however if they were punished and rehabilitated at the same time it allows them to reflect on their essays and change for the system. When essays are not punished, harshly enough it can lead to re-offending and this is highlighted by