Our Philosophy

Little Learners Philosophy
  • Worldwide standard of quality education

    To passionately create a new concept Early Childhood Education standard in Oman. And to to offer a worldwide standard of quality education by arousing curiosity and desire of discovery in children. While assuring a safe and supportive environment is maintained, we encourage children to think, experiment, analyze and therefore draw their own conclusions about the world.

  • To offer a well-rounded bilingual education, which develops strong moral and ethical values and prepares its students to be inquirers, analytical thinkers, and lifelong learners enabling them to respond to the challenges of modern life.

  • To passionately pursue the creation of a new concept Early Childhood Education standard in Oman!

    — Khoula AL Kinidi
  • We believe in giving every child a holistic education that is beyond just academics to develop their character as unique children of who contribute in meaningful and positive ways to society. We believe learners to be a leading, innovative and caring,

  • How to Enroll Your Child to a Class?

    • The Kindergarten programs provide a stimulating and supportive environment with a balance between learning and fun, structure and choice, along with group and individual exploration. The children are given opportunities which promote social, emotional, physical and language development.

    • The children are free to choose from the different sections around the classroom and are encouraged to complete their chosen activity, working at their own pace. Through their work they develop concentration, motivation, persistence, discipline and a lifelong love of learning.

    Balance between learning and fun

    • The children participate in a wide range of activities, including developmentally appropriate work with literacy and numeracy, science and social studies. They engage in cooking, art and craft projects, dramatic play, story-telling, music and physical education. Beginning computer skills are taught in the computer laboratory. Some activities will take place in German to expose the children to the language of the region.