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  • How to Enroll Your Child to a Class?

  • Welcome to LITTLE LEARNERS

    We would like to welcome you and your family to the Little Learners- Pre-School. It is our continuous aim to provide a stimulating, caring environment for your child to grow socially, emotionally and intellectually.
    • Ideal Environment

      The ideal environment with no pressures on the children while building confidence and independence with the help of their wonderful teachers and other children.

    • Learning through Play

      Your child will learn through play – sharing, building, constructing, co-operating, creating, reading, listening, imagining, telling, discovering, and making decisions.

    • Variety of Activities

      Outdoor and indoor, quiet and noisy, individual, small and large group activities are all part of your child’s day with us at Little Learners Preschool.

    • Future in mind

      By the time they leave us to go to the ‘big school’, they will have acquired the independence, confidence and knowledge they will require to enter more formal education.

    • Our bilingual program (English and Arabic) offers the children the opportunity to learn or further extend their knowledge of languages whilst they are young and able to absorb new concepts so quickly and easily.

    • Development of social skills is a vital part of the nursery & preschool experience. And there is plenty of emphasis on building physical skills that allows children to explore their creative and problem-solving abilities.

    • Each class provides a large and exciting range of age appropriate equipment, which extends and nurtures your child’s development. Resources are updated regularly, and staff is kept abreast of developments in early childhood education, through in house training and appropriate courses and seminars.

    • We focus on the ‘fun’ side of learning .We aim to enrich children’s lives day-by-day so that they build up within themselves a sense of self-worth, a feeling of success and achievement.

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  • What Parents Say?

    • “I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the happiness of our children and their distance learning.”
      Parents of Muhra

    • “I extend my sincere thanks and appreciation for your efforts, especially in light of the pandemic and the changes we are going through.”

    • “Everyone testifies and is proud of your treatment and education.”

    • “Your school deserves all the respect, best school in Muscat.”

    • “We are very pleased with the progress of Sheim and her use of linguistic vocabulary”
      Parents of Sheim

  • Our Classes

    Our preschool program has two dedicated classes
    • Nursery 1
      Learn through Play
      • 1.5 To 2.2
        Year olds
      • 14
        Class size
    • Nursery 2
      Learn through Play
      • 2.2 To 3.2
        Year olds
      • 20
        Class size
    • Preschool - KG 1
      Where Leaders of the Future are born
      • 3.2 to 4.2
        Year olds
      • 20
        Class size
    • Preschool - KG 2
      Preparing for the next level
      • 4.2 To 5.2
        Year olds
      • 20
        Class size
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  • Contact Us

    Our postal address and contact details
    • Postal Address

      AL Bashair Street
      Madinat Sultan Qaboos

    • Phone & E-mail

      Mobile: +968 91212957
      Office: +968 24600660

    • Business Hours

      Sunday – Thursday
      7.45 am – 2.30 pm
      Weekend Closed